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Name:Final Fantasy Fanworks
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:General Final Fantasy Fanworks community.
Hey there! This is [community profile] ff_fanworks, a community focused on fanworks from any and all the Final Fantasies (plus Vagrant Story).

FF_Fanworks accepts:

• Any Final Fantasy (and related compilation)
• Vagrant Story
• Kingdom Hearts (that's focused on Final Fantasy characters)
• Crossovers
• Fanfiction
• Fanart
• Fanvids
• Fanmixes
• Doujinshi
• Fan Essays
• Poetry
• Manips
• Icons
• Recommendations
• Any Pairing (slash, het, other)
• Gen
• Any Rating
• …and if you don’t see it up here, but you want it here, contact the mod. ^^

FF_Fanworks does not accept:

• Character/Game Bashing
• Flaming
• Negative/Derogatory Language
• Advertising For Any Comms (unless you have prior mod approval)
• Sales of Any Kind
• …and anything the mod feels needs to be added at a later date.

Contact the Mod!

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